FOR ME (About You)

by Gage

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For Me (About You). It's short. It's punctual. It's an introduction that said too much. I just hope it hands with you.


released October 5, 2011

Ian Fursa- mixed and mastered and saved a mess.



all rights reserved


gage Baltimore, Maryland


I'm Gage, and I will not write this in third person. My first attempt at recording anything was at 13, eight years later, I'm as proud as I am humbled to release For Me (About You). It's been a long time of working my ass off, figuring out the opinion I have to express. I'm as proud as I am humbled to just be getting started. Thanks. ... more

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Track Name: To Nowhere
It’s going to be simple really
Breezy eyes shifts missed
In the flux yellow sea wash
Noise, pheromones at parties

Can’t you see, it’s landing
Either which turn of head,
Street you find a bed,
In anyway, got a bad feeling

Or maybe, you’ll have run on,
Fragments to present,
When the boring boring,
Tide abduct post bingeing,

different states, and in ticks
of it’s foralways,, months, lives,
swept up, but it’s time to wake up,
address, whatever should been said

whenever that was,
when was, well, no no worries,
it’s been rationalized, swept under rugs,
and that was back on the wrong dose-age

and if I’m a bit under swept up,
slept wrong or what not,
and if we’re looking,
it got big, bigger than expecting

though, certain, no damage was done,
nothing of permanent sort stains,
at least to the person,
that dude was the lame

devoured to bigger, better, person,
captived by capitalism
definitively a shame, or sham,
mostly fine fun till cops came,

checks bounced,
parents severed pissed
then those kids,
most went off the deep end,

yep them small ponds
were like asylums
but big fishes,
swing for real fences

then those were real fixes
not the shit to bitch
back with bullies and
parents till back being readmitted

though most of them
never smile the same
not the obvious ones
but the one’s exchange text

the ones I sleep next
keeping the good appearance
same possible chance
but hooked on vengeance

or the smallest knicks
that couldn’t stitch
past or open up
but for a second

in a absence of
an ironic
a trip ego death,
it was precious

but it’s simple really,
chance past,
smile up, spit, cleaver response
that appetite is

seemingly for always
never mind the ballads
endure the indulgence
make some foul art and we forgot a person was lost